Sasuke and Naruto in episode 373

Yeah, I’m a genin starting today!

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Akatsuki´s ex-hometown [2/2]. 

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30 Day Naruto Challenge REMADE:

Day 14: Scene that made you laugh → “This time, it’s number two.”

Your blog is so beyond prefect there's not a word I could use to describe it

Aw, thank you! 


my bby is all grown up *sobs disgustingly*

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I hate when people talk shit about Naruto or any other anime, like that show taught me so many things about how to proceed my life. It taught me so many things that I would never get to know if I have never watched it.


Moving to a new country today! So I decided to doodle Naruto with some boxes before I don’t have internet for a little while.


Moving by Ramen-shuriken

まとめ。その4 by 菜華
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